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Benefits of Flutter for Mobile App Development

Benefits of Flutter  for Mobile App Development

The tech world has been completely transformed by the introduction of Flutter for mobile app development, with its array of exceptional capabilities and immense advantages. If you are a developer or business owner, then you ought to familiarize yourself with this innovative framework. As consumers nowadays demand superior mobile apps, Flutter offers a phenomenal platform for developing aesthetic, high-functioning applications. According to Google, utilization of Flutter increased by over 800% in the past year, reflecting its great popularity. Moreover, apps developed through Flutter are incredibly swift, have stunning UI designs, and register an average crash rate of below 1%.

Hence, Flutter has indeed revolutionized the tech sphere, as it is open-source, supports both Android and iOS systems, reduces app development time, and ensures impressive performance. So, don’t miss out on the revolutionary benefits of Flutter for your mobile app development. Stay ahead of the curve and let’s dive in and explore the possibilities together!

About Flutter

Flutter, an innovative open-source mobile application framework developed by tech giant Google, is precisely tailored to aid developers develop spellbinding and highly interactive applications for various platforms utilizing a single codebase. With Flutter, app engineers can compose code once and roll it out to both Android and iOS devices, saving both time and effort.

What makes Flutter one of a kind is its implementation of Dart, a modern programming language formed by Google. Pretty easy to learn and featuring a clear and concise syntax, Dart is ideal for developers of any skill set. Flutter amalgamates the robustness of Dart with its own combination of widgets and tools, permitting developers to create dazzling user interfaces and generate coherent user experiences.

About Dart Programming Language

At the core of Flutter stands the powerful programming language Dart. Developed by Google, Dart is an advanced, object-oriented programming language that is easy to learn and powerful.

  • Dart’s key selling point is its broad spectrum of use, for it is possible to utilize it both in front-end and back-end development. Therefore, with Dart, app developers can write their entire project in one language without relying on additional frameworks.
  • The compilation of the code prior to execution enables rapid performance in Dart, which is essential for successful mobile applications that require fast and seamless functioning.
  • There is a considerable and developing community of Dart developers, which makes seeking support and guidance simple and efficient.

Benefits & Features of Using Flutter

Hot Reload Feature

Imagine being able to modify the design or capabilities of an application and witness the results on a real time basis, without having to deal with the tedious delays regularly encountered during the traditional app development process. Thanks to hot reload, programmers can change their code and quickly view the results in the app, which lets for a speedier design cycle and a more effective progress.

Technically, hot reload works by injecting the new code into the running application without having to restart it. This makes for a smoother exchange between the new and old forms of the application, without disrupting the user’s experience.

  • The use of this function is remarkable, particularly in the design phase. This empowers designers and developers to interact with ease and instantly adjust depending on the feedback from the users or shifting requirements.
  • Moreover, it reduces the time dedicated to resolving bugs, allowing developers to spot and tackle issues right away.
  • Hot reload not only conserves time but also revolutionizes the development experience. This stimulates innovation and enables programmers to push the boundaries of what’s achievable, all while feeling more assured about not ruining the application or losing their advancement.

Single Codebase for Both iOS and Android

No longer do developers need to deal with the difficulties of using two different languages and frameworks for both iOS and Android app development. Flutter now enables developers to employ a single language (Dart) and collection of tools to produce exquisite applications for both of the platforms.

This not just has made things easier, but has also benefited companies who are aiming to develop mobile apps for both of the platforms at less cost. By capitalizing on a single codebase, firms can save time and resources, hence concentrating on delivering an exceptional user experience.

Below are a few advantages of single code base:

  • By having a single codebase, developers can make sure that the two platforms keep the same look and feel, which in turn makes it less complex for the users to explore and work with the app. This is very important for companies that strive to create a strong brand identity and make sure their customers have an immaculate user experience.
  • With just one codebase, it becomes likely to release patches and fix errors on both platforms at the same time, ensuring that the customers have access to the most secure version of the application.
  • With the support of this feature, developers can create state-of-the-art, multi-platform applications that look and work remarkably well on both stages.

Excellent UI and Performance with Flutter

When it comes to creating exquisite mobile apps, the end-user experience is paramount. And with Flutter, developers have the power to create astonishing UIs and peak performance that create engaging and memorable user experience.

  • Flutter comes with a suite of pre-made widgets that can be tailored to satisfy any design demand. The widgets are flexible, and enable developers to create smooth animations, stunning transitions, and magnificent visuals.
  • Using Flutter, coders have the authority to make picture-perfect UIs that adjust gracefully to diverse screen sizes and resolutions.
  • The pixel-perfect UI and functionality that Flutter produces is due to its distinctive architecture, known as the Flutter Engine.
  • In addition to its exceptional UI, Flutter delivers tremendous performance. The Dart programming language is compiled to native code for iOS and Android platforms. This translates to a faster and more seamless execution, since the app is running directly on the device’s CPU.
  • Coupled with Flutter’s capability to develop applications that are both native and responsive, it leverages Skia, a powerful rendering engine to present UI components rapidly on the display. 
  • Furthermore, Flutter includes a customisable framework that developers can tweak to optimize the app for a specific device.

A Rich Set of Widgets

The widgets in Flutter are an indispensable component of developing a highly excellent user interface and furnishing a smooth user experience. Buttons, text fields, navigation bars, and dropdown menus – these are some of the various widgets that are offered by Flutter to serve various purposes. 

  • With the great range of these widgets, it becomes simpler for developers to come up with alluring and interactive User Interfaces (UIs) that are aesthetically gratifying and easily comprehensible.
  • Not only are these widgets delightful to behold, but they also guarantee an exceptionally smooth and agile performance. It is possible to modify their color, font, size and animations in order to bestow the UI with your own brand identity. 
  • Additionally, the widgets in Flutter are well-crafted to be reusable. It makes it easier for developers to develop sophisticated UIs just by piecing together various widgets.

Two types of widgets are often employed by developers to build remarkable UIs – the Material Design widgets and the Cupertino widgets.

  • Material Design widgets take into account the design principles outlined by Google’s Material Design. By incorporating them, developers can easily develop an app that is similar to a native app across both Android and iOS. 
  • Cupertino widgets are devised explicitly for constructing iOS-style UIs. They are usually decorated with iOS-exclusive elements and animations, creating a delightful experience for iOS users.

Finally, the ever-growing Flutter community also presents a multitude of third-party widgets. These widgets expand the features and components of Flutter, aiding the app development process significantly.

Open Source Community Support

A growing world-wide open source community of Flutter developers means a multitude of individuals are actively contributing to the platform by constructing widgets, plugins, and packages. This vast level of collaboration results in a virtually limitless potential for the advancement of cross platform mobile app development.

  • The collective energy of this dynamic community helps Flutter users address issues and challenges with immediacy. From chats and forums to social media groups, the people involved with Flutter offer their assistance readily.
  • The easy-accessibility of this community is particularly advantageous to developers who are new to the platform. The eagerness to help, as well as to exchange tips, tricks and information allows those with a fledgling understanding to get up to speed swiftly and develop to the highest of standards.
  • In addition, this unified support encourages mutual learning, growth and the kind of imaginative ideas that drive the mobile app development industry forward. 
  • With Flutter, developers are also able to customize and personalize the platform according to their individual preferences, giving them the flexibility to design their own widgets, plugins and packages.

No matter what level of experience you have, the Flutter community welcomes all members with enthusiasm and are ready to help you reach the top-tier of mobile app development.

Top Companies Using Flutter For App Development

Flutter, with its advanced capabilities and innovative features, has managed to grab the attention of some of the most well-known companies in the tech domain. Let’s take a closer look at the top six names using Flutter for mobile app development:

  • Google: Being the developers of the very platform, Google obviously shows unwavering support to Flutter. The tech giant is actively utilizing the technology for its various applications, including Google Ads, Home and Pay.
  • Alibaba: This e-commerce tycoon has wholeheartedly adopted the framework for their mobile apps, expressing admiration for its exceptional speed, elasticity, and convenience.
  • BMW: Flutter serves as the cornerstone for their ConnectedDrive app which helps drivers command various car functions from their cell phone.
  • Groupon: Recently, this well-known coupon website migrated to Flutter to create a visually-stunning and fluid UI, lauding its speedy development and straightforward use.
  • Tencent: This Chinese conglomerate adopted Flutter for WeGame, its gaming platform, enjoying the advantage of high-speed UI, ideal for gaming.
  • eBay: The virtual auction platform embraced the magic of Flutter too, employing it for eBay Motors, for its ease of use in developing apps for both iOS and Android with one codebase.

Case studies of successful Flutter apps

Have a look at some case studies of successful flutter applications:


HealthKit, a fitness tracking app, is designed to be highly compatible with Flutter’s collection of widgets and intuitive UI. This app permits users to monitor their workouts, heart rate and receive custom-tailored fitness advice. Thanks to Flutter, HealthKit developed an appealing and easy-to-use interface, leading to an influx of users and better health.


Reflectly is a journaling application built with the assistance of Flutter’s speedy development and reload feature. This feature allowed Reflectly to upgrade and refine their design in real-time, producing an effortless and engaging user experience. It gained much attention, becoming a secure platform for individuals to share their emotions.


One of the leading e-commerce platforms, Alibaba, used Flutter to build their mobile app. This language was employed to create one codebase for iOS and Android devices, reducing time consumption in the process. The interface provided by Flutter enabled a great shopping experience for Alibaba’s numerous users, increasing their sales and consumer satisfaction.


Dream11, India’s top fantasy sports provider, turned to Flutter to create their app. This technology enabled Dream11 to develop a customized and immersive experience, appealing to many sports fans. Flutter integrated live streaming, in-depth statistical analysis and real-time scoring, boosting the fantasy sports atmosphere.

Google Ads

Google Ads, the world’s top digital advertising platform, chose Flutter to upgrade their mobile app. With Flutter’s exceptional performance and UI, Google Ads offers an enhanced and effective user experience. As a result, the app saw a rise in user engagement and ad revenue, further consolidating their status as a market leader.

Xianyu by Alibaba

Xianyu, Alibaba’s e-commerce platform, used Flutter for their mobile app development. Flutter’s capacity to create one codebase for both Android and iOS significantly reduced development time. The captivating user interface, provided by Flutter’s sophisticated UI, enticed numerous users and generated greater sales and income for Xianyu.


It’s quite clear that Flutter is transforming the industry of mobile app development. Its amazing features and capabilities make it an industry-wide revolutionary for both app engineers and businesses. Precisely, if you are looking to make a remarkable mobile application with speedy execution, enticing appearance, and excellent user experience, hiring a Flutter application development company in the USA is your most logical option. With the immense features of Flutter, you can open boundless potential outcomes and create an application that surpasses all expectations. Thus, don’t wait, embrace the revolution and embark on your journey to app success with Flutter.

Xicom is a top Flutter app development company in USA that connects you with the best Flutter app developers with flexible and economical engagement models ranging from hourly, monthly and fixed cost billing. Hire Flutter app developers from Xicom today and embark on your app development journey with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Flutter only restricted to mobile application development?

No! Flutter can be used for developing web and desktop applications as well. In fact, Flutter’s versatility transcends the boundaries of traditional development limitations, unlocking a whole new realm of possibilities for aspiring programmers.

2. Does Flutter support outsider integrations?

Yes, Flutter offers assistance for outsider integrations with APIs, modules, and bundles. It likewise bolsters coordination with Firebase for backend development.

3. Is it easy to discover engineers skilled in Flutter?

As Flutter is gaining popularity across the globe, increasingly more engineers are learning and utilizing Flutter for custom cross platform application development. There are additionally online courses and assets accessible for learning Flutter.

4. Can Flutter be utilized for creating enterprise level applications?

Indeed, Flutter can be utilized for making complex enterprise level mobile applications as it gives great performance and is highly customizable.

5. Is Flutter appropriate for creating cross-platform applications?

Yes, Flutter is good for creating cross-platform applications as it gives a single codebase for both iOS and Android stages.

6. Does Flutter support responsive mobile app development?

Yes, Flutter supports responsive mobile app development with its widgets and flexible layout system.

7. Can Flutter be utilized for developing games?

Yes, Flutter can be utilized for creating 2D games with its amazing rendering engine.

8. Does Flutter have a steep learning curve?

No, Flutter has a shallow learning curve as compared to other application development frameworks. The Dart programming language is easy to learn and the Hot Reload feature speeds up the development process.

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