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How to Secure .NET Application Development?

Nowadays all of the businesses and web applications are highly powered by the internet. With this increased use of internet, various security threats often arise on the horizon which need to be dealt with firmly if you want your business or application to run without any interruption. We have seen the number of attacks on various web applications have increased rapidly since the last decade or so. Therefore the web application developer should remain updated with the latest and best processes and practices to secure their web applications. As .NET is one of the most popular platform for web application development hence we will explain about some of the security measures which help in securing a .NET application.You can try these ways to maintain the security standard throughout the development process and during its usage online. Thoroughly Checking and Sanitizing the URL A .NET developer who is doing .NET Application Development can apply many techniques to enable the security prevention inside a web application. The most important thing is to prevent any bad, unwanted or malicious data to enter into your website. Most of the security attacks and security breaches happen when the query string values pass through the URL. The best security practice is to define a commonplace to whitelist the URL. Therefore cleaning the URL with a set of whitelisted characters and removing the bad ones is a better way to secure the application as it discourages other characters apart from the whitelisted ones. Encoding or Encrypting the

Ultimate Guide to the Uses and Benefits of .NET development

If you have been searching for a reliable and most trusted platform for website or app or even desktop app development, then you have landed at a completely befitting post. In this write up, you will find everything you need to know about ASP.NET development for getting your business app or website created. What is ASP.NET framework- Ins and Outs of .NET development! .NET launched in 2002 by Microsoft a giant industry leader, is a dynamic platform which offers reliability and security level to the clients whose website is to created using ASP.NET framework. .NET is a completely free and open-source development platform. It is an ultimate cross-platform web development technology which allows its users to take advantage of multiple languages, editors as well as libraries which are helpful in building mobile, web, desktop as well as gaming apps and websites. Languages VB (Visual Basic), C# and F# are the three main programming basics which are employed in .NET framework for the development of websites as well as apps. First programming language which is a top-notch modern and simple OOP based as well as type-safe language is C#. This is used in the ASP.NET web and app development. Second on the list is F#- an open-source and OOP language, which is functional and cross-platform at the same time is used in this framework. Visual Studio is one of the most needed VB essential for .NET website development. It is an easy and approachable language. OOP, type-safe and functional. Attractive websites

What are the various aspects of Mobile ASP.NET Development?

In today’s highly competitive world, creating a website for any business has been an integral part of its strategy to expand worldwide. The website acts as an online identity for the business and helps it to expand beyond boundaries. A Website helps a business to gain more customers from around the world. A Website helps the business to receive quick and accurate feedback about their product and services which the business if offering in the market. This way the business can improve the quality of its existing products and services by carefully analyzing the customer’s feedback. If you want to develop your website then you have many options of platforms like ASP.NET, PHP, J2EE etc.   To create your business website, you can go for .NET MVC development as it is one of the best processes to develop quality websites and it offers so many benefits to the developers as well as to the website visitors.   Also in the modern world, usage of smartphones has reached to an all time high. This generation is no doubt a smart one and using smart phones to do so many of their daily tasks. Right now more than 6 out of 10 people in the world is using smartphones. The people who are using normal mobile phones are also slowly moving towards using smartphones.   Due to these reasons, the demand for the mobile website has increased in recent years. Mobile websites are customized to fit the screen size of a phone.

Why Choose Xicom Offshore Experts Team for Microsoft .Net Development

As the sector of information technology is advancing to new levels, software development is taking a new fold. Amongst the different development languages taken into use, dot net has become one of the finest languages favored by majority of developers across the globe. For development of business, it is important to make use of software, which can help a company in enhancing its functioning in a multi-faceted manner. With advancement of technology, an array of software solutions is available in the marketplace which aid businesses in augmenting their growth in leaps and bounds. As the demand of software development outsourcing witnesses an upheaval, innumerable offshore companies are setting a foot hold in the IT arena. But as they say, there can only be one ace and Xicom Technologies Ltd. duly suffices this saying.  Xicom has emerged as a global market leader, rendering qualitative services in the arena software development and Outsource .NET Development for over a decade. Over the years, Xicom has evolved with the changing technological trends and made itself adept with the expertise of developing customized software that suffices the needs and requisitions of companies as well as individual vendors. Companies from across the globe are outsourcing their software development projects to Xicom in order to attain numerous fruitful services and benefits.   Why Xicom Surpasses Other Providers? Global clientele has continually favored the software development services and solutions rendered by Xicom for several reasons, which are mentioned below: Cost-Effective: The software development services rendered by Xicom are

Is Apple Really Banking on Microsoft Office Suite?

The rumor mills are on full churn and this time the gossip surrounds the renowned web development company, Microsoft. Though there hasn’t been any official announcement from Microsoft’s side, but gossip mongers are saying it out loud- Microsoft is developing an Office Suite for Apple’s iPhones and iPads. And this time there is an evidence of to support this rumor. Mac4Ever, a French website dedicated to IT, has got its hand on a bunch of references that speak of Microsoft and ASP.Net based applications that have been designed keeping in mind the specifications of iOS, the operating system for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. In their first look, these documents appeared to incorporate a comprehensive list of product support documents. This, however, sounds strange as Microsoft has not even mentioned once about any plans of launching Office apps for mobile platforms other than its own. So, a support document for a product called ‘Excel for iPad definitely calls for some serious sniffing and nose poking. This can, however, either be perceived as a strange and uncalled for mistake on part of one of Microsoft’s employees or the day is nearing when Microsoft will take everyone by surprise and launch its Office applications for non-Microsoft mobile devices. Numerous versions of Microsoft Office apps are already available for use on Mac and Apple platforms but Microsoft has majorly favored Windows as a primary platform for running the Office Suite. This could be great news for the Apple users, but sadly they have

Microsoft Contrives the Future for Enterprise ASP.Net Development

As Windows 8 surfaces in the virtual arena with a bang, Microsoft has fasten it’s seat belts and is all set to improvise it’s array of development tools, in order to facilitate the developers to harness the best capabilities of the new OS. A range of new products including .Net 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012 are being shipped, but there are still numerous enhancements required, as far as enterprise ASP.Net development is concerned. Towards the closing of October, Microsoft finally unveiled its roadmap towards the development and incorporation of new features and functionaries in ASP.Net and Web Tool 2012.2. The to-be-introduced features are sure to set the expectations of the developer fraternity soaring, however Microsoft presses that these additions are just in the planning stage. Possibilities are high that some of them might never see the daylight. The most considerable addition to be embraced by the .Net framework is SignalR. SignalR will use WebSockets and other low-level transports to add real time functionaries to web based applications. The first version of SignalR will enable developers to add hubs and item templates to ASP.Net applications. It will be capable of integrating with both ASP.Net Web API and ASP.Net MVC. Speaking of Web API, Microsoft plans to make the support system of Windows Apps Stores more robust, add enhanced OData functionality and enable simple monitoring and tracing. MVC will also experience a facelift. The new additions to MVC will assist the developers in building applications mapping from Single Page Applications, Facebook Integration,

Explaining The MVC Architecture

The software development is becoming more and more complex with the passage of time. With increasing number of developers working on a single large project, it is required that the solution is split into various modules so that it easier to manage the project as a whole. The MVC architecture is one of the most effective techniques to do so. A web development company could create highly scalable and reliable business solutions for its clients by using this model for developing web solutions. MVC stands for Model View Controller and the meaning & significance of each of its word is explained below. Model Objects that are present in the RAM memory collectively form the Model. This data has been retrieved from the database and brought into the RAM memory for further processing. View The way data is presented on the screen is known as view. For static web pages the view comprises of objects stored on the server whereas for RIA (Rich Internet Application) it can reside on the machine at client’s end through various native data structures or JavaScript objects. Controller The controller refers to the requests and manages the responses for the application. The MVC pattern allows developers to separately conduct the development of business logic and the GUI of the software. Thus, both designers and developers can work simultaneously on the project without disturbing the part concerned with the other one. An experienced .Net MVC development company can effectively use it for developing robust solutions that provide