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Top IoT Trends That Will Drive Innovation for Business in 2019

Internet of Things or IoT is termed as the next big thing in the communication technology world. It is the changing the world as we know it.  IoT will connect over 30 billion devices in next few years and will generate revenues in multiple of trillions although businesses are not very sure what verticals would drive the initial growth and where to put their money in. Businesses are talking about what the future might look like and how our lives might be different as more and more things are becoming connected. But the future is no longer a vision – it is an exciting reality that’s taking shape today. An IoT Developer can understand very well how the businesses which will master innovative IoT Trends have the opportunity to lead digital innovation in their business. But the companies should ensure that they have the required skills and partners to support key emerging IoT trends and technologies. As we have entered into 2019, below are some of the IoT trends that will dominate this year. These IoT trends will offer a bit of clarity into the areas that would drive growth in the fields of IoT in the next few years. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation There will be around 14.2 billion connected things in 2019 which are expected to reach around 25 billion by 2021, producing immense volume of data. Data is the fuel that powers the IoT and the companies’ ability to derive meaning from it will define their

Things that an IoT developer should know about developing apps

In the 21st century, all the devices we use are connected to an invisible network. This connection improves the usability of these devices. As long as the device communicates within itself, their functionality improves in many ways. We are talking about nothing else but IoT which has the full form of Internet of Things (IoT) and this is the era where an IoT developer is much in demand because of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over the market these days. Today, cars, houses and offices are connected to form a user interface. Scientists believe that by 2020 the total number of IoT devices will be three times the world population. This shows its popularity and importance. As the number of related devices increases, the number of IoT developers is also bound to increase.   There are many things that an IoT developer should consider when he is developing an app for the clients and integrating the latest techniques into the apps for the success of the brand or the company of the client.   1. Integrating Sensors and GPS into the IoT app Tesla and automatic floor mats, even in automatic use, sensors are everywhere. You should have in-depth knowledge and information about these sensors. The mechanisms behind which they operate and their architecture are very important.   An IoT developer must also have in-depth knowledge and knowledge of wireless communication systems and embedded logic. They should be able to understand effectively the factors that impact the app development process

How to Design a Perfect App Logo

Every business wants to take their mobile app to the top of app stores. For this they do lots of App Store optimization (ASO) and optimize their mobile app for all major ranking factors. One interesting thing to be noted is that visuals of the app is also a major ranking factor and it play an important role in the overall performance of your app in the marketplace. Actually the quality of the visuals you have displayed on your app page is the main reason users happily download or ignore your amazing mobile app. As per a study, more than 90% users say visual elements impact their buying decisions the most when it comes to choosing various products and more than 50% of the users find their desired app through the app store only where they first see the visual elements of the app. Hence during Mobile App Development process, you should work in this direction and try to make each visual element of your app page to be highly attractive. These visual elements include your app icon, app screenshots, and introductory videos. The most important of these visual elements is your app icon and therefore you should do proper research while designing it. Your app icon represents the whole existence of your business on the app store as users see it first when they open your page. If you don’t not pay proper attention to it then few number of users will download your app while if you build

How Android Evolved Over a Decade from 1.0 to Android 9.0 or Android P

Android is the most popular mobile OS right now with over 85% of marketshare. Android phone was officially launched first time about 10 years ago. Google’s decision to make Android an open source OS made it highly popular with third-party smartphone makers and among the public. Soon after the launch of Android 1.0, it has become the most popular OS in the world. That is why there has been a high demand for Android apps and Android developer in the world market. Now People use Android smartphones and many Android apps on daily basis to do so much of their everyday work. Founding of Android In Oct, 2003, the company Android Inc. was founded in California. In 2005, Android was acquired by Google. The decision was made to use Linux as the basis for the Android OS and Android was offered to third-party mobile phone manufacturers for free. Launching Android 1.0 Right after the launch of Android first version, there has been the birth and the rise of Android App Development Company which was required to build Android apps. In 2007 when Apple launched the first iPhone, Google too started to reveal its plan to launch Android as a mobile platform. It used the formation of Open Handset Alliance which included phone makers like HTC and Motorola. Google said that their vision is to launch a powerful platform that will power thousands of different phone models. Google launched the beta version of Android 1.0 for developers on Nov 5, 2007.

Latest Android Trends That Every App Creator Should Know in 2019

No doubt about the fact that every other app creator these days wants to follow the latest trends in the app development industry. If not religiously follow, then simply know about the trends that rock the market. The trends that keep the app development going to the next to impossible levels should be known by the companies and the developers especially when you are on the lookout to hire Android app developer. Without further ado, we are going to enlist the trends that are definitely going to rock in 2019 and coming years. There are already so many mobile app niches in the market that the craze for new type of apps, this is the reason why app development experts around the world are thinking to centralize the apps especially when it comes to banking and other financial apps. If we talk about Europe, mobile apps are not being developed by app creator just to let the users make transactions, it’s also about how they are able to engage the users of the app so that they can connect and interact with the audience. Real estate business and mobility is being put into the apps to make the things so much more advanced. Smartwatches and GPS integrated health apps The trend of Smartwatches seemed to be touching the heights when all of a sudden health apps connected with GPS and smartwatches flooded the market and never showed a slowdown. It is this upward trend that forces us to say that

Why Optimizing Apps To Various Screen Sizes Is Really Essential?

Optimizing the app for screen sizes is really important because the most important thing that a mobile app development company should try to do is definitely to provide a great user-experience to the users of the app. Whether they are using a small palm-sized device or a little big, it is really important for the app owner to hire experts to create an app that is optimized to the screen size of various devices that are being used by the people around the world. There are new devices that are being added to the list everyday that poses a challenge for the developers to create more advanced apps with such optimization level that the app can be used easily by all the users and not just a few bunch of devices. If you are a business owner having a brand, then it completely makes sense for you to hire a mobile app creator who is well-versed with the issue of bad screen size of the apps and that they are not optimized to the devices. Increased Popularity of Chromebooks and Chrome OS Another reason why one must hire mobile app developer is to get a professional app developed which is compatible with the screen sizes whether its a smartphone or a tablet or even a chromebook which is being launched these days. Samsung, Dell and HP have already come up with some great Chromebooks which can be used as touch screen tablets or like a PC with a keyboard. But,

Top IoT Trends Influencing Business in 2019 and Beyond

2018 has been an exciting year in the Internet of Things (IoT) space as we have seen a true transformation and many exciting developments. We have observed that so many industries are now investing in IoT and leading industries are quickly implementing IoT solutions. Other than special IoT devices, consumer products like wearable and connected electronics are also part of this huge market. As per an estimate, more than 80 % of IoT spend through 2020 will be on B2B applications. That’s why IoT will be one of the main drivers of the digital transformation in 2019 and beyond. Many big companies are hiring IoT Developer and creating self-learning environment using IoT.  This will also drive digital revolution in the physical world as well. With IoT, new business models will emerge and there will be significant changes in work processes, productivity front, cost reduction and improved customer experiences. Keeping all of these things in mind, I will now discuss the important and main IoT trends which will lead the market in 2019 and beyond. Cognitive Computing and AI Cognitive computing and implementation of AI technology will also be the key trends in 2019 and beyond. The IoT is right now at the critical juncture of tremendous growth and opportunity. Till now we have seen connected things with unique IP addresses but due to advancement in sensors, processors and memory now we are not seeing everyday things just connected but intelligent too. Cognitive IoT, AI and machine learning are enabling enterprises

Key Mistakes to Avoid While Developing Mobile Apps

Its good if you have a groundbreaking idea in your mind and you want to implement it. You must be looking to build a mobile app based on that and want to make it a huge success. Mobile apps have become highly popular these days and are the best ways to gain digital and mobile presence in the world. Therefore, you should come up with a highly interactive and scalable mobile application that creates a huge impact in the market and provides you with an edge against your competitors. Mobile app no doubt is an excellent platform and hiring a Mobile Application Development Company to build it is a good idea as it can give shape to new and exciting business ideas. But the challenge is to follow the right approach. Developers should innovate to come up with unique and feature rich mobile apps which meet the expectations of the customers.  They should use the latest cutting edge tools and technologies to build amazing mobile apps. But if they lack one single thing during the app development then it can lead to big trouble and prove to be a major loss of time and money and that one thing is perfection. Yes, with this huge competition in the mobile app market in the App store, your app can’t succeed if it is not perfect in every sense. If you want to develop a successful mobile app then you should avoid some mistakes. In this article, I am going to discuss

Why Hire Android App Developer For Video Integration In An App?

We all have heard about the fact that a single picture is equal to one thousand words. This also holds true for any mobile app that is made interesting by the visuals or the videos that can be integrated into the app by the professionals of iOS app development or Android app development. There are ways by which the videos are put into the apps so that the app is made more exciting for the users and that is made more informational also. Visuals are liked by the humans and they love to see the things and learn about them rather than just read the boring stuff. It’s important to improve the  integration of the premium videos to the app and thus, enhance the user-experience, and distinguish the brand from competitors. A mobile app can do a lot of things, and the one who invests into the app with a new concept must know well how to choose the app’s internal features. Here are some of the exciting reasons that you should consider so as to choose the best iOS developer or a company which has had experience in creating such similar apps: 1. Enhancement of User-Interface of the app Use of videos into the app helps the developer make the app more interesting. People are visual creatures and want to watch videos instead of boring stuff. A video can be of any type- such as an informational video or a detailed video about the product or even an ad

How Blockchain is an Unique Opportunity for Developers?

Blockchain technology has become a huge success in recent years especially in 2017. As per Google, Blockchain and Bitcoin are two of the most-searched keywords on Google. Blockchain is also one of the top 5 developer trends of 2018. The huge popularity of Cyrptocurrency, bitcoin and ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) also promoting the discussion on blockchain and making everyone aware about this technology. Now more and more organizations are looking to get advantage from blockchain’s extreme popularity. A study says about 58% of the large enterprises are interested in building some kind of blockchain application. Whether we talk about mobile app developers or web application developers or software developers, they all can enter the world of blockchain technology easily. Actually it is a good news for any kind of software developer as Blockchain is all about software. Blockchain is all about how to store, share and maintain data transactions securely.   In this article, I will elaborate on how this popularity of blockchain is presenting a huge opportunity for software developers.   What is Blockchain? The blockchain term was first used in 1991 as “a cryptographically secured chain of blocks” which means a chain of blocks which are linked and cryptographically secured. Each of the block is a combination of three items i.e. A hash pointer to the previous block, a timestamp and the transaction data. Therefore basically by design, blockchains are very secure and not easy to modify. In Wikipedia, Blockchain is defined as below:- “Blockchain is a technology