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Android Developer – Make Sure App Supports 64 bit Devices in 2019

Ever since Android was launched in 2008, it has been continuously evolving and becoming smarter and innovative so that it provides best and optimum experience to its users. Now Android has moved towards making this experience more amazing and more richer for its users. This time it is about becoming complaint with 64 bit CPUs. The performance improvement is the main goal, also conferring with different futuristic plans ahead. The 64 bit CPUs are much faster, perform better and deliver richer experiences for their users. Adding a 64-bit version of your app provides performance improvements, makes way for future innovation and sets you up for devices with 64 bit only hardware. Android now wants to help the Android Developer to get ready and take his time to plan for that. Since Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android has supported 64-bit hardware, and gave enough time to the developers, world over, to comply with the standards and updates. In 2017, Android first announced that apps using native code must provide a 64-bit version in addition to the 32-bit version. Now as we move into 2019, Android has given timelines to transition in 2019. Timelines for 64-bit Requirement Starting August 1,2019 According to the recent update made by Android, all of the new apps and app updates that include native code are required to provide the 64-bit versions along with the compatibility with 32-bit version while releasing on the Google Play. As per extension, Google Play will continue to accept the 32-bit updates for

Microsoft Announces Android App Mirroring on Windows 10

Microsoft is empowering a new era of personal productivity with new Surface devices. Microsoft is working to deliver its company mission of empowering every person and organization on the planet to achieve more therefore it has increased its focus on helping people across their work and personal lives. Microsoft is offering tools for whole life experiences and it has never been more important as many of us are living a digital lifestyle which presents more opportunities, yet demanding more of our time than ever before. Whether you are busy with your career and family and juggling between them or running a family as head of household or growing your career or education, your simple and greatest need is more time and the tools to do what matters most to you.   Microsoft is finally offering something for the Android app developers and Android app users. Keeping these requirements of people in mind, Microsoft announced a new feature for Windows 10 in Microsoft Surface event held on 2nd Oct, 2018 in New York City which will let Android phone users view and use any app on their device from a Windows desktop. This feature which Microsoft is referring to as app mirroring and shows up in Windows as an app called Your Phone, seems to be working best with Android as of now. Microsoft also announced the ability to transfer webpages from an iPhone to a Windows 10 desktop hence you can pick up where you left off on your mobile

Why Hire Mobile App Development Company For Food Delivery App

In this fast-paced Internet age, it is necessary and inevitable that every street corner restaurant or even a big hotel should have a website or a food delivery mobile application for iOS devices as well as for Android smartphones. Having a website gives branding and identity to the restaurant as well as helps the customers to know more about the hotel or a food corner. But, did you know that hiring a mobile application developer helps even more in creating a professional smartphone app? The scenario has changed and an app developer using the latest tools and techniques can create an extraordinary food delivery app for the hotel. Let’s suppose a situation- Nobody likes an empty fridge as you come from work at home. The tiredness may not allow you to cook anything nor does you have this much energy to cook something especially if you have kids or even a small family! It is always the restaurant food delivering app that comes to the rescue and acts as a great saviour. Food delivery app helps you to order food in just under 30 minutes and if the app is created by mobile app development company which is professional and has years of experience in creating such interesting apps for great user-experience. Food delivery apps certainly increase client retention It is certainly beneficial to run a restaurant, but income can only be generated on a large-scale through food distribution smartphone apps. This strategy effectively improves the return on investment.  Mobile

Best Hybrid Mobile App Development Company In San Francisco

Xicom Technologies Ltd.- a front runner in hybrid app development for broad range of clients across the world. Our team is well-skilled and professional at the agile and scrum technologies which are the need of the hour today. Without deploying the most advanced and time-saving tools and software, it is almost impossible to give an edge to your clients over their competitors. It’s our endeavor to understand the client requirements at the core level and then prepare a series of actions that are taken in order to create the best mobile apps for them. Your business endeavors are successful with a pro app The experts at Xicom Technologies are adept at creating apps that are designed and developed in order to bring huge profits to the businesses of the clients that hire them. Well, highly-certified developers for hybrid app development make sure that you are able to keep you head high and stand apart from the crowd. In this highly competitive environment, if the app creator you choose is not expert and talented enough to handle the technical nuances of developing an extraordinary app, then all the money invested can go waste. 5 Key Reasons to Invest in developing a dynamic business app There are some key reasons why you should always focus on hiring a pro app creator: 1. A professional app developer has the right kind of experience of developing an app that can give the best app user-experience. 2. An app is the best promotional tool one

Recent Updates in AndroidX Development

In Android JetPack announcement at I/O in May, Google unveiled a redesign for the Android Support Library, called AndroidX. Like its predecessor, AndroidX is designed to help developers maintain a backward compatibility with older versions of Android. These libraries are now open source as part of AOSP program.   Good thing is that now if you are an Android App Creator then you can also use AndroidX in your project. AndroidX was started out as a small set of libraries mainly aimed to provide backwards compatibility for new Android platform APIs and therefore its development was strictly limited to the platform. Therefore, all of the work was done in internal Google branches and then pushed to the public Android Open Source Project (AOSP) alongwith the platform push. With this workflow, the external contributions were only limited to a small window of time where the internal and AOSP branches were close in content. Also more important is that, it was difficult to contribute as in order to do a full AndroidX build and testing, external developers needed to check out more than 40 GB of the full Android platform code to their development platform or system.   Now, the scope of AndroidX has widened drastically and now it includes libraries like AppCompat which is for easier UI development, Room for database management and WorkManager for background work mainly. Most of these libraries implement higher-level abstractions and are less dependent on the new revisions of the Android platform in general plus all

Trends in Android application development for you to follow in 2018

With the continuous demand of smartphones in the market, almost every enterprise or a startup has make it a point to get an Android app for their business to grow and gain more profit and clients. Around 85% of the market share is occupied by Android applications development which means if a company chooses to get an Android app for their business, they have taken an excellent decision for the future of the brand. Isn’t it?   Business apps for Lead Capturing Lead conversion is the ultimate thing that a business can expect for their growth and development. While there are many platforms that can help a business to get their business app made with some ultimate features and functionalities. But, Android app development is the best app development platform chosen by the companies all around the world. Why take note of the trends of Android app development in 2018? It is not easy to taste success without going far and sprinkling with some extra efforts. So, keeping updated with the latest trends that would make an Android app better than the best! Since, user engagement and interaction are the goals that every app owner has! Right? Also, make sure that the Android development company you hire is very much aware of the trends going on in the digital market. Let’s move forward…   In this write up, we are going to discuss about the trends that will rock the Android applications development in 2018 and for the coming years:

Google I/O 2018: Android P Features That Will Define the Future

Google I/O is an annual developer conference held by Google in its Mountain View Headquarters. I/O showcases technical indepth sessions which are focused on building mobile, web and enterprise applications with Google and its many open sources including Android and others. This year Google held its annual I/O developer conference from May 8-10. Below are some of the biggest announcements from the Day 1 keynote. Just before the keynote, Google announced it is re-branding its Google Research division to Google AI. This move tells us how Google is increasingly focusing its R&D on computer vision, natural language processing and neural networks.   Now developers must be asking what’s in store for the Android App Development and its mobile applications. For its flagship smartphone operating system Android, Google is doing something really important and different. Now instead of showing you all the ways you can use its phone operating system to use more, it is actually creating features to help you use it less. Android P will be released later this year. It will have a new dashboard which tells you how often, when and for how long you are using each of the app on your mobile phone. You can also set limits for yourself. For example, once your 1 hour is up, the icon will go from its usual eye-catching color to a dull grayscale to inform you about that your set time to use the smartphone is up and now you can take rest or do some other

Roles of a Mobile Application Developers

Mobile application development is a rapidly growing field and has already become multi-billion dollar industry. Mobile app development is picking up both in developed countries as well as in rising developing countries. Companies and businesses strive hard to capture the attention of their customers through innovative and useful techniques and mobile applications are on top on that. That is the reason why the demand for quality mobile app developers is increasing tremendously recently. What is a Mobile Developer? Right now mobile application developers are in high demand in the IT world. Most of these developers are fresh generation of techies and engineers. This profession is new hence majority of the developers in this field are recent graduates who have learned themselves the process of mobile app development in their university or college. There are also some software developers who are using their core development skills to make transition into mobile application development. As a mobile app developer you can work as:- – Work permanently for a one company as a full time employee. – Work as a consultant on contract for many companies. – Work for yourself as a freelancer and market your app development skills straight on the web. One thing which has been seen in the mobile app developers is that they are very dynamic, energetic and creative individuals with a passion for producing consumer oriented products and apps. These mobile app developers are responsible for creating highly creative and vibrant mobile applications which are also efficient and

Top Reasons to go for Android Development for Ultimate Apps

It is a true blue fact that Android development is the most popular OS right now followed by iOS. So, there arises every chance that almost every business should have an Android application built from expert Android developers. You can skip getting a website built for your brand if you have a very dynamic and robust app for your business. Why go for Android development and get an app created rather than investing in website? ● Apps engage the user easily and if they like the user-interface of the app, they get addicted to it easily. ● If the app is dynamic enough, the users will stick to the app and more leads will be created easily. ● An app if created by expert Android developers, gives you every reason to earn huge revenue so that you can earn high ROI than you invested. ● An Android app is not very hard to get crated when it comes to budget required. ● It is now very easy to get a custom-made app built for your business. ● Flexibility in the creation of Android OS apps means you can literally convert every idea of yours into an app. ● There are a very few restrictions when it comes to the creation of Android apps and getting them accepted in the Google Play store is easier too. This is a very thing when we compare it to the iOS app development. No doubt, most of the smartphones are Android OS powered and