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List of Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks You Should Know

There are many tech giants now which are supporting and sponsoring their own JavaScript frameworks for e.g. Google backing Angular and Facebook backing React, and these now come among the most popular JavaScript frameworks of today. This is due to the fact that all of the recent reports suggest that JavaScript remains one of the most prominent web technologies which is dominating the development world these days. This trend has been continuing for the past many years. You can check this report by Statista which also says that JavaScript is the most popular programming language among developers as of early 2019. JavaScript is indeed a highly versatile programming language which is used for building many types of applications like Client-side, server side, mobile applications, desktop applications etc. It can be used to design interactive user-interfaces and apps with amazing features and functionalities. Hence to make the work of developers easier, many JavaScript-based frameworks and libraries were launched. Some of these frameworks have become highly popular over time and are right now widely used to build many kinds of web and mobile applications. Businesses which are looking to build their applications always prefer the framework which is reliable, secure and brings in high performance in the application. Developers look for a framework which is feature rich, easy to learn and offer excellent performance. However, choosing these kinds of best JavaScript frameworks from the so many available frameworks is not an easy task, and it is actually a challenge given the options

9 Best Reasons To Choose Java For Web Development

Java programming language was developed by Sun Microsystem in 1995. Sun Microsystem was later acquired by Oracle in 2010 thus now Oracle owns Java. During these past more than 24 years of its journey Java has emerged as the foundation of most of the networked applications today and it has proved that it is highly useful for enterprise software, mobile applications, web scripting games and embedded systems. Java has been used to build so many banking and financial applications which are running in so many banks all over the word. Java is also being used by big enterprises like Amazon, Google and Facebook therefore Java is considered as one of the best option for enterprise and maintainable web development. Hence we can say that you can easily use java for web development and Java is one of the best programming language created ever. So many developers around the world are so much passionate to work as Java developer. There are several advantages for choosing Java for web application development. Let’s discuss all of those reasons why you should choose Java for web development. 1. Java is Platform Independent This is one of the best reason to choose Java for web development. Java enables developers to write once and use or reuse the code anywhere. This is one of the most important feature and benefit of Java which makes it highly portable and thus it can be used in multi-platform applications easily. Therefore, businesses don’t have to worry about changing hardware

Enterprises Gear Up For HTML5 Supporting Java 7

The Java based community rejoiced as Oracle finally brought in the latest version of the Java Platform, the EE 7 (EE standing for Enterprise Edition), which endeavors to include support for HTML 5 applications, respond to the enterprise demands and augment the productivity of the developers. The Java EE 7 Software Development Kit (SDK) download of the latest edition is available on Oracle’s website. (Image Source : Oracle) The version focused on the enterprises is principally deployed on servers. The new features of EE 7 version include JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) which supports the relentless transferring of data and WebSocket communications, and both of them provide for developing HTML 5 based applications. During the Webcast introduction of the latest version Java EE 7, the vice president of development at Oracle, Mr. Cameron Purdy quite confidently said “This is the ultimate platform for building HTML 5 and mobile apps.” Commenting on the latest features and future prospects of Java Software Development with the latest up gradation, Al Hilwa, an analyst with IDC observed “Java EE 7 brings this widely used enterprise framework to the modern age of HTML5 and also brings significant improvement in developer productivity that will have windfalls in code quality. In this age of the polyglot programmer, Java EE 7 will allow Java to remain one of the most widely deployed technologies for server applications on the planet.” Talking about the capabilities, Java 7 boasts of the 2.2 capabilities, along with complete markup support for HTML 5. Also,