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The Brainpower Behind the Wheel – An Overview of AI in Automobiles

AI Development Company

Imagine a world where cars can drive through crowded urban areas with no human driver. A world in which cars talk to each other to avoid accidents, and the roadside infrastructure warns you if you’re about to blow through a red light. It may sound like a sci-fi movie scene but the reality is that with the current and continuous developments of Artificial intelligence, this is becoming a reality. AI is also applied in the motor vehicle industry where research is underway in producing automated cars that will change the face of transport in the world. In fact, a report by Allied Market Research projects that the global autonomous vehicles market will reach $556 billion by 2026. In this blog, we will analyze what it takes to get a driverless car to think in the first place, and delve into the working of the AI brain behind the wheel. The Role of AI in Modern Vehicles AI is the magical component hidden in the engine room of contemporary cars, driving us towards the next transport paradigm. AI has transformed the whole car industry as vehicles have been designed, forced, and guided by it. An autonomous car runs on artificial intelligence because it has a powerful brain that processes data, can make quick decisions, and interacts with its environments in real time. With AI, cars can move around congested urban streets, perceive obstructions, and even “talk” to other vehicles. Autonomous driving is one of the main functions of AI in modern