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Why Magento 2.3.4 is the Right Choice of Entrepreneurs in 2020

The total size of the global e-commerce market has increased dramatically in the past decade. Here, we saw not only copious new solutions that make life easier for merchants, customers, eCommerce web developers and vendors but we also continually evolve existing systems like Magento. After the release of the second version, various new updates are gradually changing the standard algorithm for online sales. And then we traverse the latest version of this popular platform: Magento 2.3.4. All latest releases & updates of Magento are always in the news because it is one of the most popular eCommerce web development platforms after WooCommerce & Shopify Source: BuiltWith While not the most customer-centric update, Magento 2.3.4 offers tons of vital enhancements targeting all types of merchants as well as the way they treat the visitors of their store. First of all, all eCommerce users can take benefit of the latest accomplishments in the field of content creation with Page Builder. This eCommerce web development tool has significantly grown so that Magento users can expedite their ability to provide customers with better content. In this blog post, we’ll look at various updates of the new Magento version and various features of Magento that make it quite popular among merchants. Due to these features now more merchants are looking to hire Magento developer in India for their project. So, let’s begin: Magento 2.3.4 Security One of the reasons following Magento’s increasing prevalence is its advanced security. The core team of Magento, as well as

Emerging Ecommerce Trends to Follow in 2019

We are witnessing a steady growth in the ecommerce industry over the past few years. Research report says that the global retail ecommerce revenue will reach $4.88 trillion by 2021. Hence in next few years, we would see continuing growth with more businesses joining the market. This will also lead to increased competition which will keep the ecommerce merchants on their toes in the time ahead. If you have already hired an Ecommerce Development Company and really want to do good in ecommerce space, then you need to be well-versed in the latest ecommerce trends which are often a result of advancements in technology and changes in consumer preferences and behavior. In this article, we will discuss about the top emerging ecommerce trends which you should follow in 2019 to stay ahead in competition. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Many people are familiar with these technologies and trends through games. Big companies like IKEA and others have already created AR apps that let people choose products from the store and test them in simulated rooms close to their real ones at home. There are many interior design apps that do the same. Hence it looks like Augmented reality will be a key trend in many sectors and it will definitely change the user experience of the users. Similar thing is for the virtual reality. In ecommerce, VR offers an amazing opportunity for the users to see the products in 3D.  If you use such app or software, you are overcoming

Hire Ecommerce Development Company for Online Retail Shop

To make every ecommerce business grow big, an ecommerce development company plays a significant role in its success. It is because ecommerce business is dependent on sales of the products, if the sales of the products can’t be increased with the help of a dynamic and fully functional website with easy checkout and payment options as well. With the increase in the popularity of online shopping trends and people wanting to buy more and more products online, the demand for online shopping websites or portals is on the rise and it will continue to soar high as long as internet exists in the world. Big Boost to Business with Ecommerce Website Development Moreover, ecommerce websites created these days are so great at layouts and designs as well as give immersive experience to the users of the website that they can’t help themselves but buy products from the website. Thanks to the easy checkout options that one is able to buy with just 1-click option. It is these ease and hassle-free process of buying the products so easily from the ecommerce websites that one is able to give the business a big boost even if they are sitting in the other corner of the world. Easily Accessible Websites for Online Shopping Websites The world has almost got addicted to buying products online and coming of more and more websites in the market has led to competition that is very high. To carve out a unique niche in the market, it is

Trending in Ecommerce Development: Chatbots for Interactions

There is no doubt about the fact that the world is going globalized with the digital industry and so is the Ecommerce development. Every now and then, we see continuous improvements and advanced features being introduced to the e-commerce industry. Why are changes needed in digital business? All these changes and technologies are geared up towards the fact that more and more time of the entrepreneurs is saved. Also, it is the prime motive of every advancement that it will save the time of the business owner especially in ecommerce web development. What are Chatbots and why they have been introduced? Chatbots are human-like Artificial Intelligence chat support systems which answer the queries of the users of the website in seconds. As we said that they are human-like, it means that they answer the questions of the web users in the most natural way possible. For instance: A user asks about suggestions related to a product, the chatbot can easily send links from its references so that the user can click and buy there and then. It is truly a milestone in ecommerce solutions to convert leads. Moreover, the user doesn’t have to wait for the customer care representative to respond to the answer. It means the time of the website visitor is saved to a great extent. The chatbot on the website becomes active as soon as a visitor visits the website. To further add to the advantage… A chatbot also directs the user of the website to the

Boost your ecommerce mobile app with these features & Solutions

If we talk about the early times in ecommerce development, we would observe that it has developed out of the need to give hassle-free experience to the customers. People are now able to shop their favorite products online at most affordable prices and without visiting the stores online. From ecommerce to mcommerce in a few years! There was a time when an ecommerce website was sufficient enough to let the people buy things online. Then, came the m-commerce, that is letting the users shop online easily and in one-click by using an app. ●  No person is willing to spend much time on desktops. Some people only prefer to buy from apps in their smartphone, whether it’s Android or iOS. ●  Who would have thought of it a few years ago that a person will be able to buy all the desired commodities in a single-click without even going outside! Along with that, the perks that come with shopping online on mobiles or websites are tempting enough. The big brands are offering dozens of offers and huge discounts when people buy online. All thanks to the ecommerce solutions agencies which constitute a team of expert mobile app developers who create stunning and dynamic web apps within a span of few days. These apps are the identity of the brands that lets the people cherry pick their favorite apps and they love to keep themselves updated all the time. The scope is amazingly vast and profitable at the same time.