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Travel & Tourism

Build better relationships with our tailor-made travel and

tourism industry

solutions that significantly improves time-to-market.
Xicoms' travel and tourism industry practice leverages domain expertise to provide innovative application frameworks and IT solutions that significantly improves time-to-market while lowering the risks involved in adoption of new technologies.

The countenance of present day travel is evolving fast. While once the travel market was dominated by online bookings via desktops, now mobile bookings are exceedingly claiming their share in the marketplace. As per a recent research, the number of mobile bookings in the travel domain has increased from $2 million in 2008 to $200 million in 2010. It has been projected that through 2012, almost 8% of the mobile users will be accessing the travel space through their smart phones.

Challenges and Opportunities

Competitiveness: Consumers approach the travel industry in several ways. It is imperative for your travel business to stay buoyant and distribute the branding message across various channels. Consumers constantly keep looking for innovative offers and attractive deals.

Target Marketing: Different travelers have different requisites. Thus, one-size-fits-all marketing approaches are ducked in the travel industry. In order to cater to a diversified consumer base it is essential that your marketing strategy targets the key needs of various demographics, while keeping pace with evolving market trends.

Compatibility across Multiple Platforms: Consumers no more make buying decisions by visiting the physical stores- these decisions are made both online and offline. Judicious and farsighted organizations publish their brand promotion messages across multiple platforms such as tablet devices, laptops, smart phones et al to effectively engage with prospect consumers.

Customer-centric Marketplace: The travel industry is inclined to cater to consumer-specific needs. With evolution of technology, consumers can directly participate in the buying process and research the market before making purchases. These experiences- good or bad- are promoted further through word of mouth, thus expanding the reach of your business.

Resource Optimization: Efficient inventory management approach is paramount for success in the travel industry. By managing their resources efficaciously businesses can capture essential analytics and thus amplify their growth.

How Xicom Delivers Business Value

Xicom has been catering to established names in the travel industry for over a decade. Software solutions delivered by our product developers put your travel company ahead of the curve. At Xicom, we understand that travel and transportation interfaces are not just about appealing aesthetics- it's about a scalable design and rich functionalities that make consumer's web experience an inviting one. Whether you are seeking solutions for inventory management, product development, API bridging application, customer service or social media integration, Xicom has diversified customization services for you.

Airlines and Hotels: Lower operational costs and reduced errors pave way for success in the travel industry. Thus it is an intelligent move to rely on technology that can harness resources to yield productivity.

Car Rentals: Develop a software solution that can be accessed across multiple platforms so that you can effectively capture analytical data and track and manage your inventory.

Tourism Bureaus: With technological solutions developed at Xicom, you can promote and publish about your business offerings in a customized manner, targeting specific audience groups. You can empower your word-of-mouth marketing approach with passive customer-generated content.

Customized solutions rendered at Xicom improve your operational efficacy, reduce operational expenses and build lasting relations with your consumers. Our solutions harness various technologies including mobile, wireless and Internet, that give you an edge over your competitors.

Xicoms' Travel and Tourism Service Offerings

  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution Management (e-Ticketing and Reservations)
  • Hotel Booking Applications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Product Development and Re-Engineering
  • Data / DMS Integration, CMS Applications
  • Web Applications / Portals
  • Mobile Applications
  • Legacy Migration/Porting

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Transportation Solutions

  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution Management
    (e-Ticketing and Reservations)
  • Hotel Booking Applications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Product Development and Re-Engineering
  • Data / DMS integration / CMS Applications
  • Legacy Migration / Porting
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Applications / Portals