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Xicom provides software development and mobile app development services that are driven by the ambition to help you derive maximum value from your IT investments.

About Ecoupons

Internet has made it possible for people to access not only information they require but also services they need. have made it quite easy for several business owners to actualize their online dream and boost their business. This is one of the most easiest way to market a business online as all you need to do is to subscribe to the website and create coupons. To create coupons, you need to add your logo and description. You also have the leverage to customize your coupons as per your requirements and wish. Users can use the Ecouponsss App to grab best deals offered by vendors. All they need to do is follow few simple steps to get heavy discounts which is not possible in any other case. Registering into eCoupons is quite an easy task when it comes to registering into mobile apps. Ecouponsss works on the principle of mutual benefits for companies and their customers. You will get better opportunities to promote your brand and connect with your customers. More and more businesses are joining Ecouponsss to increase their sales and boost their business. Ecouponsss promotes all the pillars of business which includes marketing strategy, collective responsibility to help others, global use, media polls with many categories to choose from, best designs and visits. Their app is especially created to cater people’s business needs.

Key Challenges

Ecouponsss wanted to build a feature rich website and mobile cross-platform applications to connect companies including small startups to big companies directly to consumers by offering attractive deals which will ultimately increase the buying power as well as the selling power. The company wanted to give all the features and functionalities related to coupons i.e. generating coupons, coupon redemption, wallets etc. The important thing was that the website, Android and iOS applications were not just destined for the local area but ultimately envisioned and designed as working prototypes for an international audience that could be implemented across the world. Major challenges to develop Ecouponsss website and mobile apps could be summarized as under:

  • Ecouponsss website has to use paid WordPress themes and plugins. The challenge was to use them perfectly and use their maximum features
  • To create lots of API data to be used in WordPress site and use it appropriately.
  • To manage huge collection of database of eCoupons which the users can access to save their time and money as they don’t need to search for coupons or deals at different places.
  • To make the coupons easily accessible to the shops and the customers.
  • To manage the Wallets generated after coupons redemption and manage appropriate commissions.
  • To create such an integrated website and mobile app platform which can work in sync and the shopkeepers and the users can use them smoothly and flawlessly.

Proposition & Solution

  • Xicom designed and developed Android and iOS mobile apps and a representative WordPress website for Ecouponsss. We have used latest cutting edge tools and technologies while developing the Ecouponsss project.
  • Xicom has worked hand-in-hand with Ecouponss founder to design and develop mobile applications and website that would accommodate all the information regarding eCoupons, Wallets, Redemption and commission of shop keepers while simultaneously delivering an attractive, intuitive user experience for customers looking for information.
  • Xicom developed a password protected eCoupons system which is highly secure and these passwords can be changed by the respective shopowners.
  • Xicom provided online and offline coupon management.
  • The important thing was to create an online and mobile user experience which make it easy for prospective customers to quickly get the eCoupons and redeem them at their favorite shops and Xicom did that perfectly.

Results & Benefits

The solution designed and developed by Xicom met all of the expectation of the Ecouponss promoters regarding the app and website and they are helping people to get amazing eCoupons to buy things at discounted rate. Following were the key benefits that we as a contractor successfully provided to Ecouponsss.

  • Ecouponsss was delivered the product on time thus allowing them with appropriate time to market their product.
  • Ecouponsss is extremely satisfied with the deliverables provided on time and within their budget.
  • New features introduced within the Ecouponsss system were taken up and Xicom ensured the faster delivery for the same to take the system to the next level. This overall dedicated effort from Xicom along with the overall software quality increased the customer satisfaction level, thereby increasing our client’s revenue and customer retention by huge margin.
  • The mobile applications developed by Xicom has gained very high reviews from its community of users, further strengthening Ecouponsss’s relationship with its customers.
  • Ecouponsss was extremely satisfied with the Quality Assurance Analysis (QA) efforts provided by Xicom.
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  • Technology Stack: IOS: objective C
    Android: Java
  • Website: HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, WordPress CMS, PHP, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL

The Android mobile app was developed in Java while iPhone application was developed using native iPhone SDK and Objective C. The Ecouponsss website was developed using HTML5/CSS3 alongwith WordPress, PHP, jQuery, AJAX and MySQL was also used.

Client Reviews

During our initial interaction with Xicom we didn’t know we will go such further as we had mainly plans for our website to provide eCoupons to the people. But as our work progressed and we became convinced with the Xicom capabilities and skills we expanded our project and included the Android and iOS apps as well. As per our expectations, Xicom did excellent quality of work and demonstrated a high level of professionalism. Their team showed high level of commitment and completed the Ecouponsss project in a very perfect manner meeting all the requirements, even the once we added later on and that within a timeframe provided. We are extremely satisfied with Xicom’s work and will definitely contact them in future if we will have any other development work.