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The MOPEDI 80cc kit comes complete with everything you need to covert your normal open frame bike into an awesome power bike. You can still pedal normally, travel under engine power alone or power and pedal at the same time. Only 2 litres per 100 kilometers.

ecotrax motor side view


Kit includes the following:

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ecotrax 2018 Mopedi 80cc 2 stroke engine
ecotrax   High Performance Low Profile Carburetor
ecotrax   Upgraded Hush Muffler
ecotrax   Clutch Cable
ecotrax   Drive Chain Idler
ecotrax   High Quality Japanese Main Bearings
ecotrax   415 Bike Chain
ecotrax   Upgraded Chain Tension Guide with Bearing Wheel
ecotrax   Chain Guard
ecotrax   Spark Plug
ecotrax   CD Ignition Coil
ecotrax   Upgraded Alloy Push Clutch Lever (Extended Leverage)
ecotrax   Upgraded Twist Throttle and cable with matching grip
ecotrax   Universal Plate U Bracket for Larger Frame Tubes (No Drilling Required!)
ecotrax   Black Teardrop Fuel Tank (2L)
ecotrax   Fuel Line
ecotrax   Throttle Cable
ecotrax   Fuel Tank Switch
ecotrax   Sprocket Clamp Assembly
ecotrax   Sprocket Clamp Bolts
ecotrax   Large Spring (Heat Shield Spring)
ecotrax   Extension Spring (Recoil Spring)
ecotrax   High Quality Needle Bearings on Both Ends Crank
ecotrax   44 Tooth Chrome Sprocket with 9 Holes
ecotrax   Magneto
ecotrax   Kill Switch
ecotrax   Bonus: Sprocket Removal Tool
ecotrax   Bonus: Spark Plug Removal Tool
ecotrax   Bonus: Fuel Filter
ecotrax   All the needed Mounting Brackets, Gaskets, and Hardware
ecotrax   Complete Colour Easy to Follow Installation Instructions


Fits most 26" Wheel Bikes (Mountain, Cruiser, Chopper, Road) with V-frame. To test this get two sticks 28cm long and form a cross. See if it fits into your bike frame with one end touching the vertical tube and one the lower bar.

will the engine fit into my bicycle frame?