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How Much Does React Native App Development Costs?

A Guide to Understanding the Cost of React Native Mobile App Development React Native has become extremely popular for app development in years due to its features, seamless integration capabilities and the ease with which it allows developers to build cross platform apps. Did you know that in 2022 around 32% of developers worldwide opted for React Native? Additionally its usage has been on the rise with a 30% year on year increase since 2018. Owing to its advanced features, it has gained traction equally among businesses & startups. Studying various cost aspects related to React Native app development, one needs to assess various parameters, such as complexity of the application, amount of features included, designing requirements, backend integrations, and the experience & area of the development team.  Based on research, React Native’s shorter development cycles (as compared to other frameworks) bring faster market availability of your product, thereby, being cost-efficient. Through judicious planning and financial oversight, you can easily remain within the limits of your budget, irrespective of being a start-up or an established business. With this guide, you will acquire the necessary skills to anticipate and handle the expenses of your React Native app development project. Overview of React Native React Native is an innovative and groundbreaking mobile application development technology that empowers developers to create exceptional native applications using the power of JavaScript and React.  By incorporating the principles of code reusability and utilizing a DOM, React Native empowers developers to write one codebase that can be

Benefits of Flutter for Mobile App Development

The tech world has been completely transformed by the introduction of Flutter for mobile app development, with its array of exceptional capabilities and immense advantages. If you are a developer or business owner, then you ought to familiarize yourself with this innovative framework. As consumers nowadays demand superior mobile apps, Flutter offers a phenomenal platform for developing aesthetic, high-functioning applications. According to Google, utilization of Flutter increased by over 800% in the past year, reflecting its great popularity. Moreover, apps developed through Flutter are incredibly swift, have stunning UI designs, and register an average crash rate of below 1%. Hence, Flutter has indeed revolutionized the tech sphere, as it is open-source, supports both Android and iOS systems, reduces app development time, and ensures impressive performance. So, don’t miss out on the revolutionary benefits of Flutter for your mobile app development. Stay ahead of the curve and let’s dive in and explore the possibilities together! About Flutter Flutter, an innovative open-source mobile application framework developed by tech giant Google, is precisely tailored to aid developers develop spellbinding and highly interactive applications for various platforms utilizing a single codebase. With Flutter, app engineers can compose code once and roll it out to both Android and iOS devices, saving both time and effort. What makes Flutter one of a kind is its implementation of Dart, a modern programming language formed by Google. Pretty easy to learn and featuring a clear and concise syntax, Dart is ideal for developers of any skill set. Flutter

What Makes React Native Ideal For MVP App Development?

What Are the Benefits of Using React Native for Your MVP App? In the present digital era, creating a robust application is a fundamental need for start-ups and entrepreneurs. But, with several app development frameworks, it’s difficult to know precisely where to start. React Native has emerged as the ideal app development technology among developers and businesses alike for creating a viable MVP application. Making an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is one of the most basic steps in propelling a successful business. It helps you to easily evaluate customer interests and find the capability of your software product. React Native is a remarkable framework for building MVP applications, and it offers numerous benefits to both businesses and app engineers. According to a study, 38% of mobile application developers have utilized React Native as their preferred framework in the year 2021. In this blog, we’ll inspect the top advantages of utilizing React Native for your MVP application development. We’ll also consider how React Native can assist you in creating a robust, scalable, reliable and feature-packed app that will take your business to the whole new level. What is MVP? The MVP or Minimum Viable Product, is a software product development strategy which encompasses only the most essential features to analyze the practicality of the software product. With this, the user can acquire feedback, estimate the demand and finally invest in its entire development. An MVP aims to create a serviceable product with minimum cost & duration of development, and enough quality to

How Much Does Flutter App Development Costs?

In this digital age, mobile applications are an indispensable part of our lives. They help us in staying in contact, getting organized, and enjoying entertainment. With the ever-increasing demand for mobile applications, businesses and software development companies are in constant quest for effective yet economical techniques to develop affordable yet feature-packed mobile apps. Now one question pops up in mind is which technology can create such an app. The answer is Flutter – a powerful open-source app development technology from Google. Owing to its advanced features, Flutter assists mobile app developers in developing secure, scalable and high-performance cross platform apps for multiple platforms such as iOS and Android using a single codebase. Due to its hassle-free architecture, hot reloading capacity and well-structured algorithm, Flutter has earned much admiration from coders across the globe. Here is the market share of Flutter from 2019 to 2021. Therefore, if you are planning on creating an app with Flutter, you must be curious to know its overall cost. In this blog, we’ll precisely discuss the different factors that affect the cost of developing a Flutter mobile app and what you can expect when it comes to the project budget. About Flutter Flutter, created by Google, is a powerful open-source mobile app development framework that is completely free to use. It utilizes the Dart programming language to produce striking and extremely customizable user interfaces with a wide variety of widgets, buttons, and animations.  As this technology offers a simplified process for developing applications that run

Why Do Businesses Should Invest In Enterprise Application?

Whether you are struggling to streamline your business operations or looking for ways to increase your business efficiency, enterprise mobile applications are the perfect solutions to look for.  Gone are those days when businesses were managing their work pressure with a traditional business model. In this highly competitive world, meeting deadlines and maintaining quality is the key to success. While chasing these objectives, enterprises are looking for innovative ways to reduce work stress and be able to increase productivity. That’s where mobile enterprise apps are quickly taking the center stage in the business world.  Realizing the urgent needs of implementing the digital solutions in the business model, many organizations have already integrated such types of mobile solutions at their workplace. The simple purpose of implementing these solutions is to keep your employees and clients stay connected with the projects. But when we are talking about enterprise applications, they are a bit different from applications that are usually used to track employees and monitor project status.  If you are wondering how they work and benefit your organization, then this blog is for you. This blog guide will help you understand the reasons for implementing Enterprise applications for your business. Let’s move straight to the topic and start discussing the logic of enterprise application integration… How Does Implementation of Enterprise Application Can Improve Your Business? No matter if you are a startup or a leading enterprise, your prime goal is to look for the ways that automate the business process and lead

Build A Successful Enterprise Application For Your Business

In this digital-driven era, innovative technology and advancements have revolutionized business models. Gone are those days when businesses relied on traditional models and manually handled their operations. In the wake of digitization, enterprise applications are creating a buzzword in the business world. From streamlining the business process to assisting in business expansion, enterprise solutions act as off-the-shelf solutions. For this reason, more and more businesses are inclining toward enterprise applications.  But before you decide to build an enterprise application, here are the few major questions that must be hitting your mind: Is It Worth Investing in an Enterprise App For Your Business? How to Create a Success Enterprise Application For Your Business? How Much Does It Cost To Build an App?  How Can We Help You? Let’s drill straight into the details of these points for better understanding… 1. Is It Worth Investing in an Enterprise App For Your Business? In recent years, the pandemic has caused a significant change in customer behavior, forcing organizations to rethink their business models. As we all have started with the new reality, now has become a time to embrace digital transformation. While the pandemic has brought uncertainties to many businesses, some marketers recognized business apps as an opportunity to pivot that provide additional value to their users. Moreover, the truth is, having a mobile presence in your business has become an essential need for your survival.  If you are still wondering whether investing in enterprise app development with being worthy, then here are

Mobile App Development Cost: Understanding The App Budget By App Type in 2022

Wondering how much does it cost to create a mobile app for Android or iOS? Calculating the average cost to build a brilliant mobile app always remains a mystery for businesses. Still, this blog has gathered some facts, stats and parameters that help you understand what contributes to app development cost and breakdown of the budget by app type.  In recent years, technology and innovations have boldly paved their way in every business vertical and have drastically changed the way people access things. As customer psychology evolves, organizations need to adopt strategies that help them reach where their customers are. That’s where businesses are moving towards mobile app development solutions at a fast pace. Startups and business enthusiasts are agreed with this fact but at the same time are in doubt with some questions like: Why Startups and SMEs Should First Invest In Mobile Applications? What Type of Application Should You Build To Add An Edge To Your Business? App Types With In-Depth Breakdown of Budget Major Factors Affecting The App Development Cost App Development Cost- Benchmarks Hidden App Development Cost Driving Factors Conclusion: Build a Mobile App On a Limited Budget and Timeline Without Losing the Quality Let’s explore each point in-depth: Why Startups and SMEs Should First Invest In Mobile Applications? While the mobile-first approach has become essential for a successful business, many are still behind in adopting a mobile app strategy. Where mobile apps can help promote a brand and increase traffic, on the other hand, also

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Gaming App?

Over the recent years, the mobile game industry is catching the hype and constantly booming without showing any sign of going down in the near future. The gaming apps powered with emerging technologies including Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and more, have given a brilliant makeover to traditional video games. With a Covid-19 impact on practically everything right from businesses to lives, economies to countries, the world has greatly changed over the last year. The gaming app industry hasn’t remained untouched with this impact and a large number of new users have constantly logged in to gaming apps to pass time during the lockdown, thereby, providing a huge opportunity to the startups and companies to expand their business.  With that said, the online gaming industry is snowballing because of its excellent user engagement. In addition, another interesting note here is the rise in multiplayer games. Due to lockdown, gaming has quickly moved the internet with active playing with family and friends and making a whole new space in the field of gaming.  As the interest increases for multi-player games, it has made it essential for companies and start-ups to put their focus on multiplayer gaming apps.  The number of mobile app downloads is soaring in 2021 and according to the statista, the annual revenue generated from mobile apps will reach $935 billion by 2025. The surprising fact here is, 22.37% share of the revenue is acquired by the mobile game apps available for both iOS and Android.  Mobile games

How to build a food delivery app like Ubereats and Deliveroo

In a world, as occupied as today, it is comfort and prime significance for any sort of customer, in any business classification to go digital. Truth be told, 60% of US customers request delivery or takeout once every week. A perfect assistance today needs to offer the opportunity of the decision to the buyer, flexibility to fit into the tight timetable of the customer, incredible usability, and a proportion of care.  With the new online platforms making inroads around the world, the food-delivery market is in the midst of dramatic channel migration. We expect online delivery to grow by 25.0 percent per year from 2015 to 2018 in key markets, after which it will taper off to 14.9 percent per year until 2020 As indicated by Business Insider (an American budgetary and business news site), the food delivery business is one of the quickest developing enterprises in 2020 and anticipated to be worth over $38 billion before the year’s over. In the event that you need a bit of that advertising, at that point, it’s an ideal opportunity to bounce in on the pattern or escape by the current. The expense of making such an application relies upon three variables:  plans of action (aggregators, coordination stages, cloud kitchens);  usefulness (enlistment, applications, installment, dispatch following, and so on.);  what’s more, engineers’ hourly rates (dollars every hour).  Food requesting isn’t something new. On-delivery applications have made requesting food considerably more consistent, quicker, and advantageous. In this manner, the food delivery application industry

How To Make A Successful Messaging App In 2021?

Are You A Little Emojional? The messaging world was a far cry from the time message reactions were announced, but expressing the way one feels has never been more critical. Imagine you are standing next to a friend who cracked a joke, you can laugh. You don’t need to pause and say “I found it very funny” or quote your own words back to them before showing a real-world emoji on your face. Same but different is for the effectiveness of the firm. The potency of a firm business process relies on employee engagement and workplace communication, especially in the Work From Home mode. For some specific niches, interactions with clientele are imperatives to your business unscaled success. Now or at some later stage, companies understand the need for an efficient tool for leveraging communication within the organization. The universal quick fix is creating real-time chat features to let users get hands on the piece of information instantly. Besides, partnering with an experienced app development company, you can also integrate the functionality into an already published app or develop a standalone app for workplace communication like Slack. If you are at the verge of creating an instant messaging app and skyrocket your business processes, we at Xicom have a plethora of valuable insights waiting for you. But, before delving into unfurling the deepest secrets of how to make a successful messaging app, it’s crucial to ask the right questions to be confident that the solution provided for your business is